What makes our premium chocolates special?


Who doesn’t love chocolates?

Chocolate is a sweet that appeals to all, irrespective of age, location and language barriers. Did you know that what has been commonly accepted as an industrially produced, branded and marketed product is not pure chocolate? To experience the bliss of eating chocolate one may try pure chocolates made from high end cocoa beans and which is also processed differently.

Creating A Premium Experience For The Consumer

At International Baking Company, each of our premium chocolates is made of 100% pure chocolate. They are unique and are made from the finest cocoa sourced from origin to give our customers a luxurious gourmet experience.  High quality ingredients sourced selectively go into the making of our chocolates. We use chocolate that is ground to a finer texture and contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter as compared to other ingredients. This ensures that the consumers experience nothing but best chocolates on their palates.

Exquisite Craftsmanship And Artistry

Our experienced chocolatiers create and shape chocolates like a practiced art form. They know exactly how to bring out the sensational flavors and aromas that are associated with perfect taste and texture. Exotic combinations and exquisite presentation is their forte. With the expertise also comes responsible chocolate making with due importance given to hygienic preparation.

For the chocolate connoisseurs who love a bit of creativity in their chocolates. IBC Premium Chocolates come in a variety of creative flavors and beautiful forms. We offer different tastes for the discerning consumer like our tea infused chocolates, truffles, spiced chocolates, chilly chocolates, fruit based chocolates, herbs infused chocolates and more. Each of them are unique and at par with the global standards of premium chocolates.

The Joy Of Customization

At IBC we don’t just create exquisite chocolates; we create experiences for our consumers. In addition to the variety of chocolates that we make, we also offer customized chocolates to meet your heart’s desire. It would be our pleasure to meet up to your expectations regarding customization of your choice.

Through our premium range of chocolates, we wish to inspire our consumers to discover an assault of richness and flavor on their taste buds; sensations that only expertly crafted pure chocolate can deliver. These have been created with care and precision to deliver a global quality product.

Our premium range of pure luxury chocolates are available in customized gift boxes, which are perfect for corporate gifting or for special occasions that call for a special gift.

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